Sunday, November 18, 2007

We all look forward to the wonderful day of fine food from the moment we wake up and already smell the turkey in the oven and pies being made. The day is so planned out around food and football and the thing called family. Funny how family sneaks into the picture when in the real world it is all we have in our precious time here on earth...let's make that part of this day and hold each others hand and promise each other that thanksgiving is everyday.
I'll start this one off by thanking each and everyone of you for inviting me into you homes every week day. I just really enjoy that hour with you and how our family has grown.
I will treasure those moments. Thank You.
November 19, Monday

Industry Guest Graham Henley - GetData Software

November 20, Tuesday

Industry Guest Becky Harmon - Life Coach - ID Theft

November 21, Wednesday

Palm Handheld Lifestyles Justin Nolan – Co-Host –

November 22, Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving Be safe – Be careful – Enjoy your families and friends

November 23, Friday

Happy Thanksgiving Enjoy your family and friends – see you on the radio Monday



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