Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wow where does the time go...Thanksgiving here and gone...Black and gone. Well that means the Holiday Season is upon us and what better way to celebrate them...then with the generous gifts our partners have given to us to share with you our Computer Outlook family. To view the wonderful gifts posted on our web site use this link: so come join us daily in the chat room or listen live and who knows you just might get lucky.

What's Next:

November 26,Monday
Tech Bytes Smart Computing Magazine

November 27,Tuesday
Mac Edition Doug Hanley - Show Co-Host – Mac Tek

November 28,Wednesday
Portable Lifestyles Dave Ciccone - Show Co-Host

November 29,Thursday
Industry News & Reviews Randy Skoglund– Executive Director- Americans for Leadership Technology Dave Doering - Tech Voice

November 30,Friday
How To’s Ceazar & Dennis - LV PC Users Group


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