Monday, August 24, 2009

Ok it's Monday night and yes I missed the blog yesterday but for good reason...I had company all day.

The past week was great with Andy Marken on Tuesday giving us a review of new product from Verbatim and then Andy recapped the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara in the beginning of the month.

Wednesday we aired the last set of interviews from the CompTIA Breakaway 2009. Like I have said several times it was a wonderful event...thank you CompTIA for inviting us.

Thursday was Michael Miller night my favorite author. Michael was simply wonderful giving a great Tech History lesson. He walked us through the history of the Internet in the first half of the show. In the second half Michael reviewed for us his latest book "The Internet at Your Fingertips". This is a real reference guide and as usual he did a very good job.

Sunday's Java with John show was extra special for me because my guests Stephen Kuo - WiMAX Marketing Manager at Intel and Jeremy Abler - General Manager - Las Vegas - Clearwire spent the hour with me talking about WiMAX that has just been released in my home town Las Vegas, Nevada.

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