Sunday, July 12, 2009

OK I promised and here I am. What a week this was on our show.

On Tuesday we had Jay Ferron - President of the APCUG and Robert Vance - Regional Advisor of the APCUG. We talked about the Annual Ohio Midwest Regional Conference.

The Wednesday show featured Marsha Egan - CEO - The Egan Group. Well if you want to save time personally or you are responsible at work for the budget you need to listen to this show as Marsha gave us a lot of cost saving tips on e mail and it's time consuming hole if not managed properly.

Have you heard of TWITTER...then you need All a Twitter: A Personal and Professional Guide to Social Networking with Twitter written by Tee Morris. He was so good in teaching us about all the features that are available and his favorite features. Tee was our Thursday guest.

On our Java with John Sunday show we had the pleasure to hear from Stefan Weitz - Director - Microsoft Bing Search Group. BING is their new search engine that in my opinion is the best out there so many wonderful features to many to talk about here so go listen to it in our archives.

OK we got Sharon off to New Orleans to cover the Microsoft Partners Worldwide Conference. Hopefully we will have Sharon LIVE Tuesday night 7/14/09 from the conference.

OK I'm signing off for this week...see you all on the radio

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