Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Morning! Wow, it is hard to believe that today is the last day of August. I can't believe it is almost time to gear up for the Holiday Season as well as CES 2010. The Computer Outlook will be there again as well as attending Showstoppers 2010.

Tuesday, the 25th of Sept., we had one of our favorite guests back with us David Milman - CEO of  RescueCom . David reviewed with us the continued growth of the national computer repair, has this company expanded it's tech force since our last visit. Much of the success over the past year has been freeing David up to do what he enjoys most, being creative and planning the growth. This all became possible because of the addition of Josh Kaplan as President. Please take the time and read  RESCUECOM's 2009 Second Quarter Reliability Report

Wednesday, August 26th, was our Industry News and Reiews show with Randy Skoglund - Executive Director - Americans for Technology Leadership and Dave Doering of Tech Voice.

Thursday, was an Encore Performance of the Java with John featuring Stephen Kuo - WiMax Marketing Manager - Intel and Jeremy Abler - General Manager of Las Vegas Clear. What a team this is turning out to be...Intel a leader in the TECH Industry had the vision of what WiMAX was going to be and with their tech and financial support has gone that one extra step once again to make our daily use of computers a much more enjoyable experience. Clearwire had the concept and technology to broaden our use of mobile and office internet services.Together they have untethered us of wires and coffee shops because Clear gives you a city that is a HOTSPOT... how great is that. I am very fortunate and will be testing the service very shortly, so stand by and listen to our show to see how your non- geek host does with this service.

On Sunday August 30th Filip Tack - CEO of NomaDesk was our guest. Well I'm here to tell  you what a great piece of software this product is. It is the easiest and listen to what I'm saying the MOST SECURE way to share, syncronize and backup your most critical files even when you are offline! Please take a minute and visit this web site.

Please visit out web site  and the daily show archives  as well as out Java with John archives..

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