Sunday, September 06, 2009

Good afternoon! I'm being lazy today and just now remembered that it is blog time.

On Tuesday, we had Andy Frankel from Nextar on the show. Andy reviewed the wonderful GPS units they have and all the great features that come on board with them. Can you imagine getting traffic reports, gas prices,weather reports, movie times, news headlines and stock reports, all on your GPS. I can affirm that they are very reliable units as I used one traveling this spring to the Southwest Computer Conference in Ca.

On Wednesday, we had an Encore Performance from  Filip Tack - CEO of NomaDesk. Well I'm here to tell you what a great piece of software this product is. It is the easiest, and listen to what I'm saying, the MOST SECURE way to share, syncronize and backup your most critical files even when you are offline! Please take a minute and visit this web site.

Thursday, Lou DaRe and Abbas Mehdi of iolo joined me and let me tell you we talked about System Mechanic 9 and all the powerful enhancements designed to fix up your PC like never before. If you think your PC is running slow or maybe it is a little old and needs a good automatic easy fix then please go to iolo
and download the trail version so you can see for yourself what this product will do for your tired PC...hang on tight because you are not going to believe that it is the same PC.

Today's Java with John show was an Encore Performance of the August 23rd WiMAX. It was with Stephen Kuo - WiMAX Marketing Manager at Intel and Jeremy Abler - General Manager - Las Vegas - Clearwire spent the hour with me talking about WiMAX that has just been released in my home town Las Vegas, Nevada.

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