Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Morning! I can’t believe my energy level today…I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Tuesday was an Encore performance of our Sunday Java with John show. The show was with two of our sponsors Kingston Technology and CMS Products.

First Mike Sager spent some time with us teaching us about the different ratings of speeds…wow did he do a wonderful job with that. Then Mike walked us through the product lines for every memory need you could possibly have. Mike wrapped up the first half of the show taking us through the SSD line Kingston has.

Second half of our show was with Gary Strueter of CMS Products. Well it took a lot from me to fight off talking about Bounce Back for the whole segment but I did it. I asked Gary if he would talk to us first about their Secure Encrypted Flash Drives. Then I really wanted to learn more about their CE – Secure Data Encryption Software and its capability. I must say that I am going to be a user of this software very shortly. I like the idea of being able to set up the individual vaults. Now yeah onto my favorite backup program BounceBack. Gary spoke to the features in the Ultimate version and then addressed the latest version Essential. The coolest feature of both these products and by the way still the industry’s only feature of booting from a USB Storage Device remains with Bounce Back.

OK Wednesday show was with Randy Skogland our man in the Nations Capital and Dave Doering who brinks us great industry news and yes all the cool new web sites.

Thursday we were joined by Phillip Pyo – Netgear. This show was packed with new product from our friends at Netgear.

First we had Phillip talk to us about Home Theater Internet Connection Kit which enables you to use the copper in the walls to reach where ever you want to go. When you reach that point here comes the difference … on the receiving end you can connect up to four USB devices.

Second Phillip spoke about Digital Entertainer Live. This unit allows you to play your movies, music and photo collections stored on USB storage devices and computers right on your TV. Enjoy YouTube™ and other Internet video LIVE.

Third we spoke about “N” technology and that it is now officially released by IEEE. So with that said we reviewed their RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router. The router offers more wireless channels, less interference and better connections using Dual Band Wireless-N and Enterprise class security for business class secured WiFi connectivity.

Fourth Phillip and looked at Stora. Netgear has answered ourc storage needs with such a simple efficient way… Store: centralize home music, videos, photos and files Share: get the content you want on the devices you need, Protect: Add a disk drive for automatic data mirroring and Get your content in the places you want it!

Now the light bulb are going off heh all these new devices tell a big entertainment story…thank you Netgear.

Today our Java with John show had myself joined by a show co host Woody Pewitt and Thomas Koll from Laplink. It just did not surprise me at all that Laplink the leading provider of software technology to move files and settings from old PC to a new PC would once again step up to the task of making life easy for all of us. Yes Thomas and staff have developed a migration utility that will enable us to upgrade to Window 7 from XP. You really need to listen to this show to make your life a whole bunch easier.

Please go to the Java with John achives and listen to this show and support our sponsors because they make it possible for us to bring you all the shows we do.

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