Sunday, October 04, 2009

Good Morning! Wow was this ever a busy week for us…but a week that brought us to two trade shows that were just fabulous.

First was our Tuesday show with Tim Hites – President and Mark Moeller – VP Business Development – ICC Global Hosting. They are the First and Leading Provider of Hosted Virtual Desktops. ICC Global Hosting provides cloud-based virtualized desktop hosting services to commercial enterprises, academic institutions, and public sector entities.

Wednesday and Thursday we attended IAITAM ( International Association of Technology Asset Managers) at the Green Valley Resort – Henderson, Nevada.

The show President and Founder is Barbara Rembiesa. Has she ever put together a wonderful event as well as an association that is so very important to the industry in helping organizations manage their assets. Please take the time to listen to the interviews posted on our web site.

Friday and Saturday we spent time at the Riviera Conference Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The conference was the SMBNation founded by Harry Brelsford – CEO. In a time of a recession that our nation is going through the participants at the SMBNation were working together to help SMB companies survive what the tough times they are facing.

SMB Nation conferences, seminars and workshops bring forward-thinking IT consultants, technologies and vendors together, sparking new opportunities in the SMB space. . Please take the time to listen to the interviews posted on our web site.

Today our JAVA show was with David Henry – Netgear. It was all about home entertainment and the ease of it with Netgear equipment.

We first spoke about Home Theater Internet Connection Kit (XAVB1004) and how this sets up the ease of connectivity.

Then we spoke about Digital Entertainer Live (EVA2000) and the ability to tap into a new kind of TV viewing.

Next on the list of entertainment equipment is the brains of the operation RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router (WNDR3700). This robust multi band router is the finest that Netgear offers and I will tell you it is just wonderful and full of features.

Now we talked about connection…viewing and the brains to get it to your HDTV here is the final leg in this win…win…win…win entertainment solution from NetGear. And it is called Stora (MS2110) and it provides a web based NAS (that means you can access this unit from anywhere in the world YEAH Netgear) that stores all your information in one drive in it’s two drive bay case. The second drive bay provides a mirror image of the first drive…so just think your data and all the pictures and music you like is now backed up on your computer…the first drive bay where you chose to store it for HDTV viewing and the second drive bay in Stora…again Netgear you just continue to amaze me

Please go to the Java with John achives and listen to this show and support our sponsors because they make it possible for us to bring you all the shows we do.

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