Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Morning! Wow was this ever a busy week for us…or should I say month. I’m sorry for not doing the blog but things have been very busy.

On Tuesday Co Host Andy Marken and I were joined by Charles Klinker of Verbatim. Charles did a wonderful job of bringing us up to date on what is going on at Verbatim. He spoke to us about external drives as well as their current NAS. Charles then explained to us about the modifications of their new NAS that should be ready for the Holiday season. I look forward to meeting and talking to him at CES.

Second half of the show I was joined by Phil Libin of Evernote. Phil brought us up to date of the neat improvements to Ever Note since we last had them on. If you are looking to organize yourself take a good look at Evernote.

On Wednesday Ceazar…Rover and Rich did a How To show and it was great. Please make sure you download this one and listen as they cover a wide sweep of technology.

Thursday Martin Feuerhahn of Friend Caller joined me in the first half of the show. Friend Caller is a peer to peer telephone service and I will tell you very stable and very clear.

Today I was joined by Steven Leonard and Jonas Svensson of Microsoft. We talked about Windows Home Server. Steven gave us an overview of Home Server and all its wonderful capabilities.

Jonas who I was very fortunate to meet with Ceazar and Christine at the smbNation conference a few weeks ago brought us up to date on the Home Server Community. Like we have been saying Microsoft feels like it is on a new beginning and is really paying attention to the customer base. So with that in mind the team set up a community and offers beta testing and then sits back a listens to the feed back.

This show is a must download if you want to learn about Home Server opr if you are already a user to expand your knowledge base.

Please go to the Java with John archives and listen to this show and support our sponsors because they make it possible for us to bring you all the shows we do.

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