Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well it is another month gone by and what a month it was...October 2010.

It was my Anniversary to the to the most wonderful woman in the world Christine. I have not quite figured it out how I can grow to love Christine more each day but I certainly do.

It was my anniversary of being on dialysis for 2 years and I am so grateful to the entire staff at DaVita for all their help and continued dedication to helping me and all the patients on dialysis.

Another birthday has come and gone so let's push forward another year.

On October 29th the greatest accomplishment of my professional career was introduced

What is the OUTLOOK's pretty simply to is my Dream of being able to give back and hopefully play it forward the... gift of providing.

Our Mission Statement is short and sweet:

We will repurpose computers and give them to children in need, helping ensure all children have the same opportunities in education and to military personnel being deployed and their families so we can help bridge the communication gap that they would face otherwise.

So please visit our new web site designed by the OrangeHat Group at  and please visit our Face book page there and join in our goal to make you part of The Team and part of the Dream.

OK, please, I invite you to come and join us Tuesday…Wednesday and Thursday’s “LIVE” from 5:00 – 6:00 pm Pacific Time and then on Sunday Morning’s from 10:00 – 11:00 am Pacific Time for our special edition of ”JAVA with JOHN".

to enjoy WHAT’s NEW…WHAT’s BEST and WHAT’s NEXT

It’s simple to do just go Computer Outlook  and click on the listen “LIVE” button in the upper left hand navigation bar for the weekday show and the Coffee Cup right below it for our Sunday show and select from our choices of players.

"Can't listen live? Click here to download the shows and take it with you for anytime, anywhere listening."


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