Monday, August 30, 2010

Wow I almost forgot to share with you some great news on our foundation effort.

We will be submitting all the required documents this week to the IRS for our exempt status and gearing up for the launch of our initial Fundraising efforts.

With that said I would like to introduce you to a few of the Management  and Professional selections that have been made to guide is though this process.

Tracy Laidlaw, Director of marketing and Promotion - you all know Tracy she has been at my side and has helped us get to this point right now. Well she is still at my side and will be a very big part of the Foundation

Brian Crandall, Director of Resource Development -  has been chosen to head up all the fundraising efforts.

Christine Iasiuolo, Director of Administration - without her guidance and wonderful work at the ComputerOutlook Talk Show this opportunity would not exist.

Randy Skoglund , Managing Partner of Orange Hat Group - Randy and his partners will be developing our web site and social media presence.

Here is our Executive Summary which will give you a thumbnail view of our Mission:

What to do with outdated and unwanted computers is becoming an increasingly vexing question for companies large and small. The components on these products include aluminum, plastics, glass, cathode ray tubes (CRTs), liquid crystal displays (LCD's), solder, lead, and other materials that are not friendly to the environment. As a result, many states have made it illegal to simply throw out or dump used computers and related electronic equipment. There are currently 23 states with e-waste laws.

The Outlook Foundation will use computer industry connections, experienced computer technicians and marketing connections to receive and repair computers. The Outlook Foundation will then find economically needy children, military personnel and their families across the country to receive the computers. We will use our business, school and community connections to find recipients and a Board of Advisors to help qualify them. Outlook Foundation will be connected with the Computer Outlook Talk Show, which will allow us to have a national reach and exposure, as well as a constant inflow of industry connections to draw support from.

Check back as we will be announcing our events calendar and web and social sites.


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